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With its hyper-modern cities, primary unspoiled rainforest and stunning beaches Malaysia is a land of fascinating experiences.

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Fact File

  • Flight time: 12 hours
  • Best time to go:  November - April (Malaysia is hot and humid all year)
  • Time difference: GMT +8 hrs
  • Currency: Rupiah 
  • Visa requirements: No

Family holidays to Malaysia

For many visitors to Malaysia its stunning coast line is its major draw with superb beaches backed by virgin jungle. Unlike most European countries it also has the added advantage of having huge beaches with very few people on them! It is also a rather more ‘undiscovered’ country then its popular neighbour, Thailand. The hotels offer a very high standard of luxury, the service is exceptional and the Malaysian people are incredibly friendly and welcoming. To top this off, as long as you are a fan of Asian food, the food is delectable. Malaysia is the favourite destination for families coming from Hong Kong and Singapore on the weekends so all the hotels are set up for children. They can all provide the usual extras such as cots, excellent baby sitters and fantastic children’s menus (with the typical things all children like to eat). For the more active families a stay on the beach can be combined with a visit inland to the Cameron Highlands or for those searching for retail therapy there can be no better destination than Singapore. Singapore is just an hour’s flight from Malaysia and a great destination for a two or three night stay. The jet-lag and longer flight times can be an issue for older children.

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Langkawi, Malaysia

There are very few hotels to beat the Andaman for families. This hotel has everything you need including great restaurants, a wonderful shaded beach, huge swimming pool designed especially for children and even wild monkeys in the trees above to entertain the youngsters whilst they are having supper! We love the Andaman as a great family friendly hotel. The hotel as plenty of space so there is no problem if your energetic brood feel like 'expressing' themselves.

Suitable for: All ages

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The Andaman

Our rating: Lovely Rating explaination
Rooms: 188
Interleading rooms: Yes
Childrens facilities:Excellent
Setting: Beach/Jungle
Style: Malaysian
Kids club: Yes
Baby sitters: Yes
Nightly rates from:
Per Person: £
2 adults & 2 children B&B:
Complimentary age sharing: <2yrs

Langkawi, Malaysia

The Four Seasons is an excellent resort which caters exquisitely well for adults and children alike. Fabulous rooms providing everything you need are just another example of a continuing child friendly service no matter where in the resort you are, to a brilliant family pool where your little darlings can shout to their hearts content, the Four Seasons is simply unbeatable.

Suitable for: All ages

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Four Seasons

Our rating: Utterly Fab Rating explaination
Rooms: 90
Interleading rooms: No
Childrens facilities:Excellent
Setting: Beach
Style: Immaculate 4 Seasons
Kids club: Yes
Baby sitters: Yes
Nightly rates from:
Per Person: £274
2 Adults & 2 Kids B&B from: £528
Complimentary age sharing: <18yrs

Langkawi, Malaysia

Condé Naste once voted this the best resort in the world and they weren’t far off it. A private island with one of the most beautiful beaches in the world (we can vouch for this), five restaurants all servicing delicious food and incredibly helpful staff – you can’t really ask for more.

Suitable for: All ages

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Pangkor Laut

Our rating: Scrumptious Rating explaination
Rooms: 140
Interleading rooms: No
Childrens facilities:Basic
Setting: Tropical island
Style: Malaysian luxury
Kids club: No
Baby sitters: Yes
Nightly rates from:
Per Person: £90
2 Adults & 2 Children from: £360
Complimentary age sharing: <2yrs

Langkawi, Malaysia

The Andaman’s elegant sister. Set on the jungle covered hillside above their private beach this is ‘The’ hotel to stay at on Langkawi and one of our favourite ‘adults’ hotel which will also accept children. Children will particularly love the free standing jungle villas, set in the jungle but only a few minutes walk from the beautiful beach.

Suitable for: As a quieter hotel we recommend it for less 'boisterous' children

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The Datai

Our rating: Utterly Fab Rating explaination
Rooms: 110
Interleading rooms: No
Childrens facilities:Minimal
Setting: Jungle & Beach
Style: Malaysian Chic
Kids club: No
Baby sitters: Yes
Nightly rates from:
Per Person: £250
2 Adults & 2 Children from: £528
Complimentary age sharing: <12yrs

When to Travel

The west coast including Langkawi are good all year round but are at their driest between December and March.  Although throughout the year you have a chance of a quick, sharp burst of rain which helps bring the humidity down.

The east coast is at its wettest between November and February and the sea can be quite rough.  It’s dry sunny days are from March to October.

  • January - Not at its best
  • February - Not at its best
  • March - Good
  • April - Good
  • May - Best
  • June - Best
  • July - Best
  • August - Best
  • September - Best
  • October - Good
  • November - Not at its best
  • December - Not at its best


Langkawi is one of the best locations in Malaysia for families.  The island off the west coast of Malaysia has long white sandy beaches fringed with palm trees and rainforest.  The Datai and Anderman, in particular, are in a great location for families.  Both share the same huge long beach and the trees provide the ideal shade on the beach to allow children to escape the mid day sun whilst still building sand castles! 

The Malaysians are very good with children and the babysitting costs are extremely reasonable in most hotels.    For the best Kids Club head to the Four Seasons but if you want a fantastic adults hotel which welcomes families (abet with minimal facilities for children) then the Datai is one of our favourite and the beach is enough to keep most children entertained all day. 

Country Info

Flights:  Malaysian Airways flies direct to Kuala Lumpur and then you fly up to Langkawi or across to the east coast from there.  British Airways and Singapore Airways fly into Singapore (which is just south of KL)  and from there it is a 1hr 30mins flight to Langkawi (these flights are every other day). 

The most popular areas are the mountainous Cameron highlands, the Pangkor Island on the west coast,  Langkawi and even Kuala Lumpur itself. 

Food and Drink

Malaysian food is a wonderful combination of every cooking type in South East Asia.  Including satay dishes which consist of different types of meat, particularly chicken, cooked on skewers with a spcy peanut sauce.  The cost of eating is very reasonable in Malaysia.  Rice and noodles tend to work very well with children but all hotels have a wide range of western food and typical Kids menus. 

Although Malaysia is an Islamic country alcohol is available.

Things to do

Please find below a range of activities available in Malaysia.

Suggested Itineraries

We know it is often difficult, with the huge number of hotels out there, to know which one to go for, which combines with which and what sort of costs they are going to be. Here we have put together a few of our favourite options to give you a starting point. Any of these options can be changed, tweeked or added to so please do ask. The prices are per person and include international flights and private transfers. As the rates at all hotels change a great deal from their High Seasons (i.e the most popular times of the year to be there) to their Low Seasons (they often have great discounts at this time) we have based the 'From' costs on a good time of year to be in the country, the dates are included in the text at the bottom. Please do call us for a quote based on your dates.