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Fact File

    Flight time: 3 hours
    Best time to go: From March until early June and Sept until early Dec. 
    Time difference: GMT
    Currency: Moroccan Dirham
    Visa requirements: Not required by UK passport holders
    Inoculations needed: No

    Family Holidays in Morocco

    Only a 3 hour flight away and with the same flight time as the UK, Morocco is an incredibly easy destination to travel to but, as part of Africa, it feels like a whole world away. It is a land of amazing contrasts with its historic cities, snow capped mountains and rugged coastline. You find yourself immersed in the contrast, colour and mystery that Morocco has to offer. Marrakech is a wonderful bustling city with its noisy, colourful souks and boutique riads, ideal for a long weekend on its own but also great to combine with other, quieter areas of Morocco. Young children will find the colours of the souk fascinating. Inca was transfixed every time. The Atlas Mountains offers a completely different experience, a wonderful quietness with trekking through stunning scenery, then swap the cool fresh air for the heat and colour of the dramatic deserts. This is quite an experience for all ages.

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    Atlas Mountains, Morocco

    The approach to this hotel, through the local village of Asni may make you a little apprehensive which makes your entrance into the beautiful Kasbah Tamadot even more delightful. Perched dramatically on the edge of a valley, with snow capped mountains as a backdrop you are greeted by stunning views from all angles.

    Suitable for: Children of all ages but without a kids club it may be better for kids who can entertain themselves.

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    Kasbah Tamadot

    Marrakech, Morocco

    A stylish, exotic boutique hotel, ideally located for exploring the heart of Marrakech. Opulent Moroccan styling gives this hotel a truly luxurious feel. There are plenty of main outdoor areas complete with palm and orange trees, the wonderful roof terrace is a great sunbathing spot and has a plunge pool to help you keep cool.

    Suitable for: Ideal for babies or toddlers.

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    La Sultana Marrakech

    Atlantic Coast, Morocco

    This tranquil hotel on the Atlantic Coast provides the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of Marrakech. Built in the style of a lavish Moorish fortress and situated in a unique location La Sultana is a wonderful hideaway. Children who love water will be in heaven at this hotel with a beautiful outdoor pool an indoor pool and a sandy beach.

    Suitable for: Ideal for babies and toddlers.

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    La Sultana Oualidia

    When to Travel

    Morocco can be divided into three climatic regions, the higher interior of the Rif and Atlas mountain ranges, the coast, and the desert areas of the south. There is some rain in the winter but this is sporadic and normally in small amounts.

    The coast is an all year round destination with pleasant mild days in winter and 25C + days in the summer months.  And like the coast the mountains are a year round option although it does get cold in the winter and the mountain tops become snow capped.  The deserts in the south can become very hot in the height of summer.

    Marrakesh can be very pleasant even in December,  Last time we were there it was shirt sleeve weather sitting outside having lunch on the 16th December.


    • January - Hit and miss
    • February - Good
    • March - Best
    • April - Best
    • May - Best
    • June - Good
    • July - Hit and miss and hot
    • August - Hit and miss and hot
    • September - Best
    • October - Best
    • November - Best
    • December - Hit and miss


    Morocco is only 3 hours away from the UK but a world away in culture.  The main reason families like to escape to Morocco is the good weather here during our autumn and spring.  Hotels such as the Kasbah Tamadot excel in having families to stay and make them very welcome.  There aren’t any good larger family style hotels offering kids Clubs etc but the again you aren’t really coming to Morocco for the beach style break.  Morocco is really for adults who want a break but would like to take their children with them.  Holidays here work very well with small children who need little to entertain them.  The fantastic boutique riads and hotels will happily produce simple children’s meals and the basics such as cots etc.  Kids clubs aren’t something which feature in these hotels.

    It is worth noting that the riads in the Medina are very compact and therefore don’t have the space children need.  Pools are often ‘plunge pool’ in style and noisy children will get you some very dark looks.  Best to select one of the hotels in the nearby Palmerie area of the city which have large gardens and plenty of space around the pool.


    Country Info

    Flights:  There are direct flights to Marrakech with British Airways and Easyjet. 

    From Marrakech you can explore out to Essaouira which is a beautiful traditional Moroccan town on the coast.   The drive here from Marrakesh takes around 3 hours.  The town is famous for its souk which although similar to the one in Marrakesh is probably more authentic.  Marrakech is the most lovely and vibrant city.  The inner Medina is surrounded by a wall and contains the ‘riad’ hotels which are converted courtyard style houses typical of this area.  The more comfortable hotels in the Medina have combined a couple of houses to create more space and add swimming pools to relax by after a day hunting through the markets.  For most families who need a bit of open space we recommend hotels in the Palmerie area of Marrakech.  This is just outside the Medina and is characterised by beautiful buildings in large tropical gardens.  

    The foothills of the Atlas mountains start 1 hour south of Marrakech.  These are well worth exploring for their stunning views, snow capped mountains and traditional Berber culture.  Trekking is very popular in the area.  You can explore the mountains by the day from Marrakech or stay in one of the numerous ‘Kasbah’ hotels.

    Agadir is on the south side of the Atlas and is Morocco’s largest beach resort.  It is a favourite location of cheap package beach holidays and not somewhere we would recommend.


    Morocco has fantastic cuisine and the food is the highlight of many people holidays.  The traditional dishes of Tangine stews and couscous actually work surprisingly well on children. The meat tends to be either chicken or lamb and this can easily be simplified for less adventurous palettes.

    Things to do

    Shopping in the Marrakech souk is high on most people’s addenda.  We have tried to take a push chair through here before and it is a bit of a struggle.  So it is best to use a Bjorn style carrier.  Children also love watching the snake charms in the main square.  Alternatively if you select one of the hotels outside the Medina you will have enough space for children to run around by the pool.  For older families trekking in the mountains can be a lot of fun with spectacular views and a a chance to see traditional Berber life.

    Things to do

    Please find below a range of activities available in Morocco.

    Suggested Itineraries

    We know it is often difficult, with the huge number of hotels out there, to know which one to go for, which combines with which and what sort of costs they are going to be. Here we have put together a few of our favourite options to give you a starting point. Any of these options can be changed, tweeked or added to so please do ask. The prices are per person and include international flights and private transfers. As the rates at all hotels change a great deal from their High Seasons (i.e the most popular times of the year to be there) to their Low Seasons (they often have great discounts at this time) we have based the 'From' costs on a good time of year to be in the country, the dates are included in the text at the bottom. Please do call us for a quote based on your dates.