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UK Family Hotels

If it is a summer holiday or just for a long weekend staying in the UK has a lot going for it. Travelling with children can be quite an effort. Having struggled with planes, trains and automobiles you get to a beautiful beach and rather than thanks you get 'can we go home now' or a very sunburnt child with prickly heat! Is it worth it? Well sometimes it isn't and it is just easier to stay put. After all, a sunny day in the UK is difficult to beat anywhere in the world (and sometimes difficult to find). There is something very appealing to parents with a large brood to be able to pack all your stuff into the car and head off straight to your hotel without the stress of leaving the UK. And as every mother knows there are times where you just want a long weekend away from washing up and having to do the cooking yourself. We have searched the UK and continue to do so to find wonderful hideaways for just such occasions.


Desinations in UK



There are more and more wonderful hotels in the UK designed with the family in mind. With tiny babies you can have your first 'trip' away to a city like Bath, where a buggy is all you need and getting...

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Blissfully easy to get to Always sunny! No time difference English food? Charming service No need to change currency