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Mauritius, Indian Ocean

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Soft white sand and clear warm seas make the Maldives the idea beach location. And with direct flights it is very easy to get to.

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Fregate Kids Spa

Now I know that the idea of taking the children to a spa is missing the point of you having a bolt hole to escape the darlings but after a while they are going to start to ask where you keep running off too.  So Fregate Island in the Seychelles (them what have the most INCREDIBLE beaches) has decided to add a couple of delights for children. 

Younger guests can now enjoy the Rock Spa’s natural, organic approach and embrace the abundant flora of this verdant island with fun new Kids’ Spa Experiences. Girls are treated to hair braiding and transformed into princesses with butterfly and floral-design nail art. After mixing their hand-picked flowers from the spa garden with cocoa and coconut milk, girls and boys can swim or simply relax in a chocolate mud bath whilst enjoying freshly-prepared milkshakes and cookies.  

Now if that isn't spoiling I don't know what is.

Posted By David Benton-Jones on 15/05/2009 - Category: General