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Tenerife is perfect for some winter sun without having to travel too far.

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Whoops! Carlisle Bay almost caused a mutiny with the team.  Day 1 into a 2 week tour of hotels in the Caribbean looking for the ideal family hideaway and I think we have found it.  So much so that Lucy and Inca refused to move.  Lucy has never been to the Caribbean and to be honest I have always felt that, for honeymooners, there are better places to go for the beach.  However I have always said that the Carlisle Bat is one of the rare exceptions.  The Caribbean in general has been left in the 80’s with many hotels decked out in the sort of loud floral print and varnish bamboo furniture with would have made Miami Vice proud.  However there are a new breed of hotels coming through that realize they have stiff competition around the world and they up their game.  The Carlisle Bay is one of those.  From Lucy’s point of view, coping with 2 children and one slightly unhelpful husband, the hotel was heaven.  An easy 8 hour flight and direct transfer by taxi had us on the beach by 4 pm (Caribbean time).  Antigua is 5 hours behind us so it was just a case of keeping the children awake until a reasonably time.  And this isn’t hard as soon as they see the beach.

As far a the hotel goes we haven’t yet come across a family hotel which has room right on (and I mean you can’t get closer without being King Canute) the beach.  This means that you can have breakfast on your balcony and the children can be making sand castles 2 foot away.  The rooms themselves are beautiful and ideal for families having a many double room looking out to see and a twin room at the back.  All the beach suites (and for families you have to take a beach suite) are on the beach and some are close enough to the restaurant for your monitor to work.  They have a fantastic Kids Club and even a complimentary High Tea for children meaning you don’t have to fork out another small fortune just to fed the ravenous young in the evening. 

Combine all this with a hotel we think is also wonderful for couples (elegant rooms,  restaurants looking out to see servicing delicious food and great service everywhere) and you can see why the team wanted to mutiny and abandon the good ship – Hotel Inspection.

Posted By David Benton-Jones on 31/05/2009 - Category: Latest trip