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Settlers Beach - Barbados

Now this place was something of a surprise.  Ordinarily we wouldn’t have thought about this hotel as there are more obviously luxurious options near by.  And we had been staying in these other before heading here.  The beach at Settlers isn’t much to write home about (just because it is very small) and the whole hotel is very understated.  However it has ending up being one of our favourite options on the island.  And this is really for anyone with two children or more. 

With one nipper it is easy to fit them around your holiday.  With two it starts to become much more expensive and you start to look for places which are going to make your life easier and therefore your holiday more enjoyable.  The villas (with two children take a two bedroom villa) are large with plenty of room for the childrens clutter, the bedrooms are sweet, the gardens have plenty of room for the children to play around in and you have a kitchen! 

This may sound an odd option as you are on holiday and you want to leave that behind but if your 2 year old wants just scrambled egg at 6 pm and you don’t fancy having your supper at that time or paying £10 for it in a hotel restaurant you can knock it up in your own kitchen.  You can also do your own favourite breakfasts when you want (this is often before hotels kitchens even open if your children are like ours). 

After fitting two cots in relatively small hotel rooms this hotel was a breath of fresh air and we loved it.  But be warn – playing Frisbee on the beach just isn’t going to happen.

Posted By David Benton-Jones on 18/08/2009 - Category: Hotels