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We had an interesting trip to the Caribbean looking for the ideal Ultimate Family Hideaways.  We wanted to find hotels that were perfect for our winter months, suited families and were an easy flight away.  The Caribbean was therefore the ideal choice as the flight is just 8 hours, about the maximum length of time you can have a toddler on your lap.  Even better – it is a day flight so you don’t sit there fretting that the children aren’t getting any sleep and will be a nightmare the other end.  We looked at Antigua and lovely Carlisle Bay (see other rambling blog).  We then went to Canoun Island which is off Barbados and again thought that this would be perfect for families.  After Canouan we headed back to Barbados to look at options there.  Both Barbados and Antigua have direct flights which are so important when flying with youngsters.   I have been to Barbados before but Lucy hasn’t and to be perfectly honest it isn’t my all time favourite destination.  To start with they have the most unhelpful and bolshy immigration staff of any country I have been to. 

Secondly the beaches are pretty unimpressive.  Having said that they have beautiful blue water and lovely sand – just not much of it.  The sheltered west coast is where you find all the hotels but as this is (and this is the nerdy geographical bit) where the sandy is constantly eroded by the sea so the beaches are very very thin. 

Lucy says she doesn’t mind this so much but I rather like a wide beach.  The real upside to Barbados is the restaurants and ease of getting out and about to see things, go shopping etc.  I would therefore say that for anyone wanting to just flop in their hotel then head elsewhere (particularly the Maldives) but for those keen on good local restaurants and therefore a choice of places to eat other then the hotel – head to Barbados.

Quick note:  Each family is different and the ages of your children make a huge difference in how easy it is to pack up everything you need to head of to a restaurant out of the hotel.  Mrs B-J feels that when we have our two with us it is much easy to stay at the hotel.

Posted By David Benton-Jones on 18/06/2009 - Category: Latest trip