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Hong Kong

It is an odd one and a long weekend in Honkers isn't to be recommended with children but we tried it recently with Bea just to see how we and she coped with it.  As we suspected small children (Bea was 4 months) are pretty adaptable to the jet lag and she had no really problems with feeding patterns or sleep.  Bearing in mind they do alot of sleeping then anyway.  Keeping her awake at night (to combat the jetlag) was very easy as she adored staring at all the bright lights.  The flight out was very easy using a basinet (Virgin Atlantic have great ones) and she was extremely comfortable.  

The upshot was - if the child is young enough - you can travel very easily with them.  Would we go with a toddler, probably not as the flight would have been a nightmare (unless you fly business).

Posted By David Benton-Jones on 19/02/2009 - Category: General