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Mauritius, Indian Ocean

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Gentle people, lots of culture and lovely beaches make Bali a fantastic place to explore.

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The constant search for a nice beach hotel in Europe has just taken us to Puglia - the 'heel' of Italy.  The problem about the west coast of Italy is there are very few sandy beaches so heading to the east coast is the best option.  For.... » Read more

Posted By Lucy Benton-Jones on 30/09/2009 - Category: General



This is really a great option for a May or September break.  As all parents know the flight is half the battle – a bad one and you can be in a foul mode for the rest of the holiday!  The BA flights to and from Gatwick are at pretty.... » Read more

Posted By Lucy Benton-Jones on 14/08/2009 - Category: General


Fregate Kids Spa

Now I know that the idea of taking the children to a spa is missing the point of you having a bolt hole to escape the darlings but after a while they are going to start to ask where you keep running off too.  So Fregate Island in the Seychelles.... » Read more

Posted By David Benton-Jones on 15/05/2009 - Category: General


Hong Kong

It is an odd one and a long weekend in Honkers isn't to be recommended with children but we tried it recently with Bea just to see how we and she coped with it.  As we suspected small children (Bea was 4 months) are pretty adaptable to the.... » Read more

Posted By David Benton-Jones on 19/02/2009 - Category: General